Croatian Quality


PROJECT CODE:             KK.

NAME:     Agency services in the tourist accommodation sales and cooperation with household accommodation providers

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE:         13,000.00 KN


PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: October 26, 2020 - October 26, 2023

PROJECT BENEFICIARY:         ANAMAR TOURS d.o.o. tourist agency

CONTACT PERSON:         Anamarija Pustijanac Vinković

Co-financed from the European Structural and Investment Fund, Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020. 


ANAMAR TOURS is a Croatian travel agency that mediates in the sale of tourist accommodation and cooperates with accommodation providers in households.

The Croatian Quality mark is a guarantee to my customers-tourists and my suppliers to operate according to the principle of a good businessman, respecting the laws, rules and customs in tourism, to manage quality by evaluating suppliers and receiving ratings from tourists who stayed in accommodation. Comparing and processing the obtained parameters and reviews helps me in selecting suppliers and in setting new business plans.

My vision is to expand the activities of the travel agency to the destination management company, DMK, which will specialize in private accommodation with a package of new travel products for markets of special interest, all in order to better fill capacity and extend the tourist season.

I want to offer guests "The best that Istria has!", Which are:

Gastronomy - "Cooking experience in the accommodation facility!"; Gastronomic presentations of the unique production of Istrian prosciutto, pasta, truffles, olive oil, wine, cheese,… Cooperation of domestic family farms with indigenous agricultural products and accommodation facilities.

Archeology for curious amateurs - "From prehistory to stargazing!" Based on the fact that Istria ranks first in the world in the number of archaeological sites per 1 km2. This program involves the cooperation of our archaeologists, historical experts, associations such as Giostra or interpreters of historical heritage Interpret Europe, etc.

Recreational programs - related to "Nordic walking" Nordic walking and general walking as the most widespread sport, which can be practiced by all ages, based on benefits such as clean drinking water, clean sea air and marked recreational trails in central Istria (St. Simon's Trail) , Parenzana…).


My goals for creating new and innovative programs in the destination are: better occupancy of accommodation, extension of the season, especially pre- and post-season, and cooperation and common interest of all stakeholders in tourism programs according to the principles of sustainable tourism.

Poreč, june 2020.

Anamarija Pustijanac Vinković