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What to visit Beaches, natural and cultural sights


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Beaches - Plaža Pical
Plaža Pical

The beach "On Pical" extends north of the old town of Porec. Predominantly rocky with a bigger surface area covered with pebbles, so it is suitable for children too.

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Beaches - Plaža Brulo
Plaža Brulo

By the name of bay Brulo, is called the beach below the hotel Valamar Rubin, Valamar Crystal and Valamar Diamant. It is the closest beach for guests staying in private...

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Beaches - Plaža Zelena Laguna
Plaža Zelena Laguna

Even the ancient Romans discovered the magic of the Mediterranean maquis and rocky islands along the coast now called Green Lagoon. Here, with blue-green color of the sea...

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Beaches - Plaža Špadići
Plaža Špadići

Spadici is a name for the new part of town, located northerly from Porec, with lots of beautiful apartments and a few hotels. Beach Spadici starts with lawn and pebble...

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