ANAMAR TOURS is committed to sustainable tourism, and in that sense it greatly appreciates the efforts of hosts and guests!

USE IN A MANNER OF A GOOD HOST: To keep you and your friends happy, as well as those after you, please use the inventory and equipment with the care of a good host.

DEVICES: Do not put your devices (refrigerators, fans, cookers, heaters ...) into the accommodation facility for your safety and possible unbalance in our installations as well as inappropriate power consumption.

ABOUT INVENTORY AND EQUIPMENT: Please do not bring out any inventory or equipment (towels, sheets, blankets, sunshades) from the accommodation. Do not place tables and chairs from the living room on a terrace or garden and do not expose them to sun and rain.

  • The air conditioner (if available) must be switched off if the windows or doors are open. It should also be turned off when you are not staying at the accommodation. In the case of inappropriate use, the host is entitled to reimbursement of expenses!

ABOUT WASTE DISPOSAL: At the time of use of the object you are obliged to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, and to dispose of household waste at a place specified in our local waste disposal regulations. Some facilities have cards to open chipped containers. The waste is handled separately, and plastic and paper waste can be disposed of in the foreseen containers, which are commonly shared and are located nearby and are appropriately marked with symbols.