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Discover the magic of Padel tennis - a combination of simplicity, fun and guaranteed fitness! Join and experience incredible fun on the field!


  • Padel is characterized by simplicity and immediacy, it is fun and keeps you in shape.
  • It is a sport with very similar rules to tennis.
  • It is practiced on fields 20 x 10 meters - about half the size of a regular tennis court - on synthetic grass, with solid walls where the ball bounces while remaining in play, like in squash.
  • The racket is small and easy to use, greatly simplifying the game and has no strings, but has a solid and perforated plate.
  • Tennis balls without pressure are used.


  • Everyone can play padel tennis! Adults and children together. It is always played in pairs. Pairs can be mixed.
  • Great for keeping fit, great for guaranteed fun.
  • You can play with friends or, it can become an opportunity to meet new people who share your same passions, join the large number of people who have started this beautiful story.

Learn more at padelporec.com